“WEAVE & WIG STYLER” Red by Kiss

Weave & Wig Styler

The one and only flat iron made specifically for Synthetic Blend Iron-Safe weaves & wigs!
Another big hit item to be! Break the stagnation with this amazing product!

Burn & Melt Free!
Kiss introduces ‘Weave & Wig Styler’, a new flat iron with a novel concept. What is so special about it is the fact that it is specifically developed and designed for use on wigs. What kind of wigs you ask? You name it. It can be used on all wigs, including Human hair wigs, Blend hair wigs, and Heat-Resistant Synthetic wigs. Amazingly, this innovative flat iron neither burns nor melts hair!

The secret of protecting hair from the damaging factors!
The biggest advantage of ‘Weave & Wig Styler’ should be the patented plates which are made of new materials. It allows easy styling of the wigs without damaging the hair strands. Moreover, the lower and upper plates are made with different materials, and so it gives rise to the ‘Ironing Effect,’ in which the use of an iron board helps prevent damaging the fabric.

It maintains the desired temperature!
Kiss solved the hair burning problem with its own temperature maintaining technology. This remarkable technology eliminated the abrupt heat surge and loss problems and enabled the user to continue using the flat iron at the desired temperature.

Bold marketing strategy to maximize return!
Kiss is trying to expand its flat iron market aggressively, and they hired a celebrity hair stylist Derek J to promote ‘Weave & Wig Styler.’

A company spokesperson said, “Weave & Wig Styler is the result of Kiss’ effort to satisfy the consumer’s needs. It will surely set a new milestone in the flat iron market. Kiss wants to help boost the sales in the retail end by investing more aggressively in product development as well as in marketing.” Weave & Wig Styler is expected to revitalize the depressed EBS retail industry.

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